Build Your Confidence…


All too often we put such a high degree of importance on the way we look which in turn has a huge impact on the way we feel…. I for one hold my hands up and say guilty… Life is too short to get hung up on your flaws. Life is yours for the taking… to make what you want of it and to live each and every day enjoying being you and not worrying about other people think. I want YOU to feel amazing inside and out, so as I work on this myself, lets talk about a few ways to help build your confidence!

Firstly, put things in perspective... Is having yours or societies idea of the ‘best’ , ‘most toned’ ‘super hot’ body really worth sacrificing going out and about with friends due to your gruelling gym routine and super strict diet?? I will answer that one for you… NO!! Don’t compare yourself to others and make sure you’re working out for the right reasons and still allowing yourself to enjoy life. I’ve written a whole post on this, check it out!

Embrace your flaws! We all have them, no one is perfect and that is exactly what makes us individual. So from this point on, I want you to stop dwelling on what you don’t like about yourself and start focussing on what you do like about yourself. Try not to allow these thoughts to be all about your looks either, think about what others say they love about you…  funny, kind, caring, thoughtful, creative, loving, adventurous, spontaneous, fun, clever, a great friend, a loving girlfriend, the best daughter……the list can go on. Don’t focus on your flaws, rather embrace them and focus on the positives!

Retail therapy! Splash out on clothes, shoes, accessories or whatever make you feel fabulous (within reason of course, I don’t want no blame for you going bankrupt!!!) If you’ve been reading these posts for a while then you will know that I loooooove shopping so any excuse for shopping to feature then I’m all over it!!! But seriously, recruit your girlfriends, enjoy some retail therapy and invest in some outfits which make you feel fab. Go for the colours, patterns or textures that you like the look of and don’t be afraid to experiment with some new styles too….you never know what you might love once you put it on! For summer especially I would say invest in some killer sunglasses (I love me some Ray Bans) as you will get so much wear out of these and they’ll make any summer look feel complete. Needless to say that buying a new gym outfit too is always a good idea…I find this instantly motivates me to get my ass into the gym….. Some of my favourites include:


adidas love Rita Ora’s collection!

pink soda available at JD sports

sweaty betty

under armour

gym shark

Also check out too for a collection of amazing brands including Lorna Jane and lots more!

Next, refresh your make up collection! Treat yourself to some special beauty products… some of my personal favourite products I would highly recommend are bare minerals under-eye concealer, benefit’s roller lash mascara, mac’s eyebrow pencil, all mac eyeshadows, real techniques brushes, bobbi brown’s shimmer brick and EOS lip balms….sorry in advance for the fact that this post should have come with a red warning to your bank balance!!! Oh and whilst we’ll talking beauty, another sure fire way to boost your confidence is to get your hair done…cut, restyle, colour…whatever it is you fancy….GO FOR IT! Been thinking about going shorter? Do it! Toyed with idea of trying out a fringe? Get on it! Love red hair on others and always wanted to try it yourself? Take the plunge! What ever it is that you’re thinking about, do something for yourself to make you happy :)

Pamper yourself… ahhh one of my favourite things to recommend but one I never seem to do myself. Have a long, hot, bubbly bath which should include at least one LUSH product 😉 , put on a facemask, dig out your scented candles and why not pop some cucumber slices on your eyes too whilst you’re at it?! Use your favourite smelling body wash and go all out. Enjoy!!

Love yourself and speak to yourself how your would others…its all about the positive affirmations. You wouldn’t tell your friend her outfit looks rubbish, she looks too fat, has bad skin or shit hair, so why say that to yourself? Always remember that others love you for so much more than the way you look, just like you love others for their personalities as apposed purely the way they look, its no different for you.

So embrace life, change your mindset and adopt that PMA as much as you possibly can. I hope this has been helpful and heres to the confident new us!

Enjoy your beautiful day,

Lu xx


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